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Living Room Series


Community members who are interested in being founding members of the YAMA Living Room Series sign up to host a show or indicate interest in performing. YAMA does the work of matching up hosts and performers, and attendees bring their own snack or drink to share. YAMA also provides a proposed format for the evening, including two short sets of music, with time to socialize and engage before, during, and after the show.

What is the feel of a YLRS show?

A YLRS show is intimate and informal. You are free to engage -- with each other, the performers, the music -- however you most enjoy. Listeners can sit in close to get a whole new perspective on the music, stand and move around, sway and dance, or even cheer as the spirit moves you, regardless of what genre of music you are experiencing.

Why host a YLRS show?

Having live music in your home and enjoying it with friends is an incredible experience. The only thing that could make the experience even better was if the show you hosted supported a great social service program that benefits our community. As luck would have it (and by strategic design!), all donations generated at a YLRS show go to support YAKIMA MUSIC EN ACCION! to support the confidence-building work and life skill development of our community's at-risk children through music education. Having fun, enjoying music with friends, and supporting an important local cause? It's a win-win-win situation!

How much should people donate?

YLRS shows will have a $10 suggested donation if the show features a solo performer or duo, or $20 suggested donation for musical groups (3 or more people). Anyone able or willing to give more, to continue allowing us to offer YAMA tuition-free for low-income students, will not be stopped!

Ready to take acción? Click the link below to fill out a Host Form to take action and get the planning process in motion! The Host Form also includes a section for interested performers.